Welcome to SmartPanda Tools

In early 2018 we set out on a mission to provide mission-critical software tools to fill unmet needs in Higher Education. But our journey started much earlier.

More than 20 years ago, our team started out as PeopleSoft Consultants, performing implementations throughout the United States and globally. Together, we have a track record of success at colleges and universities from California to New York, from Chicago to Dallas, as well as Canada and Brazil!

With our decades of experience, we’re functional and technical experts in Student Records, Student Financials, Academic Advisement, Transfer Credit, as well as Technical Upgrades, Integrations, Data Analysis, Networking and more!

Are you Transfer Friendly?

When we started rolling out software solutions for Transfer Credit, we felt the ocean rising beneath us! Colleges and Universities were hungry for automation and an intuitive user experience! We introduced one Transfer Credit innovation after another, including Raptor and Rule Maker among others! Click to read full details

Now our Transfer Credit solutions are used throughout the country among a growing list of amazing colleges and universities — we love working with you because it really does make a difference for students! Click here to view the great schools we’re working with.

Click here to take this quick 5-question Self Assessment to see where you can focus on becoming Transfer Friendly!

What’s Next?

With you, our goal is nothing less than to transform the higher education landscape – to dramatically improve the experiences of students at every step – as they move from high school, to community college, to college, our dream is a seamless, transparent, digital road where students are fully informed and enabled to succeed! And we know you want that too!

Our pricing is flexible, and we’d love to collaborate and partner with you! The word “No” is not in our vocabulary! Whether you are an enthusiastic individual, a college or university leader, or a vendor, please Contact Us and let us know how we can work together! We can all do a lot more, faster, working together!

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We’re not just Higher Education!

We love to innovate in Human Resources, Finance or any area where user experiences and services can be improved!

For example check out our Query Executive plug-n-play Analytics that works in any PeopleSoft product (HCM, FSCM, etc)

Our Quality Monitor toolset lets you sleep at night knowing that if a data event happens (good or bad) you will be proactively alerted – it too works in any PeopleSoft product (Campus Solutions, Human Capital Management, or Finance Supply Chain)!

Thank you for joining us in the SmartPanda Tools journey