Announcing “Feeder In a Box”

What’s a “Feeder”? A school you receive many transfers from!

It’s so logical it had to happen

Every School has transfer credit

And we want to help you automate transfer as seamlessly as possible

~~ Therefore ~~ we’ve decided to give away our Rule Maker ‘Installer’ for FREE!

Too Good to be True? Here’s How it Works

  1. Contact us to obtain your FREE Rule Maker Installer
  2. Load the Installer into your local PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
    • (Spoiler Alert: Takes less than one hour, is 100% Bolt-On)
  3. Now you’re immediately free to start using the Installer to Prepare your Transfer Rules. Prepare your rules using whatever method is most convenient for you:
    • Load from spreadsheet
    • Or Import from “TES” spreadsheet
    • Or Fetch from your transfer history
  4. When you’re ready to Build the Rules, contact us for your Product Key
  5. Pay only 1 Cent per Rule you Build!
    • (Spoiler Alert: That means you could build 3,000 Rules for only $300!)
  6. DONE
  7. Rinse and Repeat as Needed

Ready to Get Started?