Financial Aid Courses Not Applicable

Simple bolt-on solution for PeopleSoft, that enables your Financial Aid office to quickly identify and take action on students enrolling in courses that are not degree applicable! The solution does not change any delivered PeopleSoft code.

Solution is in proven and in Production at University of Maryland Global Campus and at Grand Rapids Community College!

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Find the Non Applicable Courses using a simple Run Control

Set the process up to run nightly, or run it ad hoc for one student if you need to!

The process automatically finds non-degree-applicable enrollments and loads them into a convenient staging table.

Take Action using Staging Table

All enrollments identified as not degree applicable are loaded into a convenient staging table for your review.

  • Apply Exceptions for enrollments that are approved
  • Flag Enrollments to be automatically Dropped
  • Enter Comments for an Enrollment

Process to Remove FA Units from Student Enrollment

Run a simple process to Zero Out the Financial Aid Units for any Enrollments that were not flagged as Exceptions on the Staging Table.

  • Processes produce full log files
  • All actions are logged in full Audit Tables

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