The CommGen Email Tracking tool is a non-technical plug-in that allows you for the first time to track Open Rates, Click-thru, and Engagement of constituents to whom you send CommGen emails

Product Description

Do you send CommGen Emails from your PeopleSoft system, but you are hungry to know how effective your communications are?

  • Engagement metrics
  • Are the recipients opening the emails?
  • Are recipients clicking thru the links?

From Tuition Deadline notices to Enrollment Appointments, you want to understand and effectively use the email channel in your efforts to maintain a relationship with your constituents

Check out our CommGen Tracking Tool

Features Include

  • Automatically Embed unique “tracking” code in CommGen emails
  • Choose which Email templates you want to track or not
  • Automatically receive metrics of when or whether recipient opened the email
  • Open Rate, Click Through, Email client and browser information
  • Email Opened Date/time stamp is stored in PeopleSoft table for analytics

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CommGen Email Tracking
CommGen Email Tracking