EDI Transcript Tools bring you high-powered, fully automated Sending and Importing of student transcript data ~~ import enrollments and grades real-time and award Transfer Credit

Product Description

Available now for PeopleSoft, Banner, Datatel and other student systems.

We recently announced Web Services for Real-time enrollment transfer between schools.

However, a very large volume of student data exchange is happening now with EDI or related file-exchanges (SPEEDE, TS130 and others).

College “A” is sending student transcript and enrollment information to University “B” in the form of a structured text, csv or xml file.

We offer new highly automated tools so that you can Send and Receive this student data

  • Real time or Scheduled
  • Automate student enrollment load
    • Import to Staging Table
    • Automate Load to PeopleSoft External Education
    • Or maximize results! Load enrollment data into External Education and Course Transfer Credits Real time!
    • View the source transcript in Human Readable display

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EDI Transcript Tools (Send & Receive)
EDI Transcript Tools (Send & Receive)