Raptor PDF and Image Transcript Importer

Are you wasting time and money and under-serving students by receiving PDF or Imaged transcripts, only to manually re-key the data into your student system?

A single PDF or Imaged transcript can contain multiple Terms of data, with dozens of enrollments, with class titles, units and grades.

Hand-entering a single transcript could take 20 minutes or more!

Let Raptor dramatically streamline the work for you! Raptor is the world’s first OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool tuned precisely for reading transcripts. Using optimization and algorithms tuned for transcripts, Raptor works day one with no configuration.

Raptor is SIS-agnostic, which means you can automate transcripts into any student system (Banner, Colleague, Workday, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar etc.)!

  • There are tons of videos and demos of Raptor available on our YouTube Channel
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  • Check out this interactive map to see how quickly Raptor has grown! As of August 2022 Raptor has read transcripts from over 2,200 schools and that number grows every day!

    Using intelligent algorithms and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Raptor automatically searches the PDF or Imaged text, identifying Terms, Classes, Units, and Grades. Raptor pulls that data into digitized format and brings it into your student system!

    Raptor is much more efficient and less costly than comparable tools! Contact us to learn more!

    Raptor is a robust, road-tested production tool, live in production for years at major institutions including University of Houston, University of Florida, Florida A&M, University of Miami and others!