Raptor PDF Transcript Importer

Are you tired of receiving PDF transcripts, only to print them out and manually re-key the data into your student system?

A single PDF transcript can contain multiple Terms of data, with dozens of enrollments, with class titles, units and grades.

Hand-entering a single transcript could take 20 minutes or more!

Let Raptor dramatically streamline the work for you!

Watch the video below to see Raptor in action!

Using intelligent algorithms, Raptor automatically searches the PDF text, identifying Terms, Classes, Units, and Grades. Raptor pulls that data into digitized format and brings it into PeopleSoft

Raptor is much more efficient and less costly than comparable tools! Contact us to learn more!

Launch Raptor by clicking the icon directly from the student’s record

Inside Raptor, select the PDF Transcript

Raptor digitizes the terms, enrollments and grades.

Then you can make final edits to the data using a convenient Web-based form

Then Push the data back into PeopleSoft with one click!