Rule Maker Automates Transfer Equivalencies

At SmartPanda, we’re on a mission to streamline Transfer Credit for colleges and universities.  Our products Transcript Express  and PDF Raptor already give you the fewest possible clicks in recording Transcripts and awarding Transfer Credit for your students.

Rule Maker takes this streamlining approach to the next level – empowering you to automatically build and maintain Transfer Credit Equivalency Rules.

  • Build rules by harvesting your own historical data
  • Import rules from spreadsheet
  • Import rules from “TES” format
  • Push rules by web-based API

Rule Maker also works “on the fly” as you award student credit.  For example, say you have just awarded student Jane Doe credit for MATH 101 based on her external MATH coursework at one of your local community colleges — Rule Maker enables you to seamlessly turn that MATH 101 equivalency into a Transfer Rule.  This way the next time a student transfers, the MATH articulation is fully automated.

Rule Maker is unlike anything yet seen in the management of PeopleSoft Transfer credit and eases your transfer management to the fullest extent.

Transcript Rule Maker is a pure Bolt On application – it touches no delivered code.

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Delivered Transfer Rules pages are far too Cumbersome

Colleges and universities have made great efforts to automate electronic exchange of transcripts and to automate transfer credit between institutions.  Yet in our experience a small minority of PeopleSoft campuses really utilize automated Transfer Rules to the extent possible.

To a large degree this is due to the complexity of the delivered Rule setups.

Using delivered Campus Solutions pages to enter Transfer Rules involves far too many steps

  • You are recording External Subjects, School Subjects and School Course catalog information for external institutions.  This is prior to actually entering any credit equivalencies.
  • Then in order to complete Rule Setup you must populate Transfer Subject Area (including From/To courses)
  • Finally you must populate Transfer Rules and Program/Source Equivalency before the Rule can actually be applied to any students.

Transfer Rule Maker populates all these same tables and pages but condenses your work to one set of tabs and to the fewest amount of clicks possible.

As a result, for the first time fully automated Transfer Rules are truly feasible for any institution!

If you install Rule Maker in your Campus Solutions environment, you and your students will benefit

  • Thousands of reduced hours of tedious rule entry for your staff
  • Faster service and results for your new and transferring students

Transfer Rule Maker gains its power from 3 Unique Features

  1. You may automatically harvest your existing transfer credit so you can create rules from what you’ve already awarded

Instead of running reports to analyze what you have historically articulated, use Rule Maker to load staging tables with a single click.  In the staging table, select the rows that you want to turn into rules – and we take it from there.

2. Transfer Rules are created real-time using single buttons!

Rule Maker is a Multi-Tool.  We know you want the shortest pathway to your results, so we’re bringing you One-Click rule making.  All you have to do is click the buttons and all the tables (External Subject, Transfer Rules, Program/Source Equivalency, etc.) are populated for you.

3. You can use Rule Maker to Import rules from any method – whether “TES” format spreadsheet or our own “simple format” spreadsheet.

New 2021: You can now Push rules into PeopleSoft using our Real-Time web API!

We recognize that institutions use a variety of methods to record transfer credit.  Some schools are already using TES to store articulations, others are keeping Excel spreadsheets of their rules.  Rule Maker works in any context and enables you to harvest data and build rules regardless.

Rule Maker is appropriate for institutions at all stages

  • You have been on PeopleSoft for many years but you still labor with many manually entered articulations
  • You are a new CS campus and you haven’t had time or money yet to build out an advanced transfer credit operation
  • You are new on 9.2 or preparing for a 9.2 Upgrade and want to maximize your staff’s time to ensure the highest possible quality and student service

Rule Maker is Growing

Hot off the presses, these new features

  • Transcript Express 2.0 and Rule Maker now work in tight collaboration so that you can build rules on the fly from the very same page (Course Credits – Automated) where you award student credit.
  • Rule Maker fully handles complex Many-to-One or One-to-Many articulations.
  • Rule Maker includes a “Rules Detail” dashboard where you can quickly review your articulations from a condensed summary page

Rule Maker serves your Institution’s core Academic Mission

We know that faster transcript entry and faster transfer credit for your new applicants and transfer students will only accelerate your core academic mission.  Your students will learn what credit they are awarded as fast as possible, and in turn your students’ Academic Advising will be as timely and accurate as possible.

License Rule Maker and you will automatically inherit SmartPanda support:

  • We answer your questions about the tool
  • We advise you in tailoring Rule Maker for your institution
  • You gain access to best practices to optimize your student services!

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