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You use PeopleSoft to provide services to students, employees, vendors … Providing the right services to the right people at the right time

Introducing Tags

For PeopleSoft HCM, FSCM or Campus Solutions.

A pure Bolt On, Tags touches no delivered code

Apply Tags on Any Field on Any Page

Tags are Actionable

Tracking your special populations is not enough unless you can easily serve them

Click on any Tag to immediately view the population

Download the list and take actions on it — using Pop Selection you can

  • Place and Remove Student Groups
  • Apply Tuition Variables
  • Place and Remove Service Indicators
  • Send Communications

Follow any Tag

Users click the “Bell” icon to “follow” a Tag, receiving daily updates of people placed into or out of special characteristics

Configure Tags Easily

Use a single online Page to Create new Tags

  • Control which Page the Tag appears on
  • Specify which data fields are the data keys for the Tag

Tags are Secure

You control which security Roles can

  • View or not view the Tag
  • Which users can Create new Tags
  • Which users can Add or Delete Tags

Tags have Built in Analytics

The Tag Pivot table gives you an analytic dashboard for drag-and-drop drilldown to explore all tag populations

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