Transcript Express – Accelerate your Success

Colleges and universities have made great efforts to automate electronic exchange of transcripts and to automate transfer credit between institutions.

But despite these efforts, every year millions of transcripts are still received by paper snail mail, along with millions of rows of manually entered transfer credit.

Our new Transcript Express 2.0 PeopleSoft Bolt-On is targeted at streamlining manual entry to the least possible amount of keystrokes!

If you install Transcript Express in your Campus Solutions environment, you and your students will benefit

  • Thousands of reduced hours of manual entry for your records staff
  • Faster service and results for your new and transferring students

Transcript Express is a Bolt On application – with very minimal footprint to delivered code.

Delivered Transcript Entry pages are far too Cumbersome

Using delivered Campus Solutions pages to enter transcript data involves far too many steps

  • You are recording transcript data on the External Education pages, which means your staff are navigating through multiple tabs and scroll areas simply to record where a student attended and what courses and grades he/she earned.
  • Then you are separately navigating to Course Credits – Manual or – Automated where your staff have to re-key much of the same information as well as identify the equivalent courses to award credit.

Transcript Express condenses transcript and transfer credit entry to one page and to the fewest amount of clicks possible.

Transcript Express is unique because of 3 Powerful Features

#1: We have condensed transcript and transfer entry to a single page

Instead of navigating through multiple pages and scroll areas, we have condensed all data to a single page and a single course-entry grid!  Your staff can enter courses taken and create a transfer model from the same page.

#2: Transcript and Transfer Credit are posted using single buttons!

Transfer Express is a Multi-Tool.  We know you want the shortest pathway to your results, so we’re bringing you One-Click transcript posting and One-Click transfer credit posting.  All your staff have to do is populate a single page, and the end result is to populate both External Education and Course-Credits Automated.

#3: You can default every possible data entry field.

Each of your staff receives a personalized Operator Defaults page, where they can set defaults for almost every data entry field relating to transcripts and transfer credit.  These defaults will speed data entry 1,000-fold, and mean your staff only have to touch the handful of data fields that are different (e.g. Term, Course, Grade etc.).

New in Transcript Express 2.0

In our quest to constantly streamline your experience, Transcript Express 2.0 adds these new features

  • Transcript Entry page now includes a real-time view of External Education so you can validate what courses are already entered
  • Transcript Entry page allows for multiple transcripts for the same student/school over time
  • Course Credits-Automated is “juiced up” with a “Build Rules” button for on-the-fly Rule building; as well as a “Load History” button for instantly viewing prior articulations.

Transcript Express is appropriate for institutions at all stages

  • You have been on PeopleSoft for many years but you still labor with many manually entered transcripts
  • You are a new CS campus and you haven’t had time or money yet to build out an advanced transfer credit operation
  • You are new on 9.2 or preparing for a 9.2 Upgrade and want to maximize your staff’s time to ensure the highest possible quality and student service

Transcript Express serves your Institution’s core Academic Mission

We know that faster transcript entry and faster transfer credit results for your new applicants and transfer students will only accelerate your core academic mission.  Your students will learn what credit they are awarded as fast as possible, and in turn your students’ Academic Advising will be as timely and accurate as possible.

License Transcript Express and you will automatically inherit SmartPanda support:

  • We answer your questions about the tool
  • We advise you in tailoring Transcript Express for your institution
  • You gain access to best practices to optimize your student services!

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