SmartPanda Vision Statement

Powering a Future of Student Mobility

GOAL: Students will be able to seamlessly plan their academic journeys between schools and will not encounter obstacles on their chosen academic journey

  • Portable Student Record: The Student will own his/her Academic Record (Transcript) and be able to share it with any Recipient without needing to request it from a source institution
  • Students will be able to see how a course will transfer to a destination school, before enrolling in a course
  • Students will be able to see how a course will meet Degree Requirements before enrolling in the course

GOAL: Students will not lose credits in moving between schools

  • Articulation Agreements: Schools will collaborate to enact formal agreements on how courses and credentials (e.g. Associates degree) will be accepted among them
  • Policies and Agreements will lean toward the student’s benefit wherever possible. Policies will find ways to accept courses instead of denying them; credits will not be unreasonably denied

GOAL: Transferability and Degree applicability will be transparent and predictable

  • Degree requirements will be available in a digital form in databases
  • Degree requirements will be presented in a common-sense way that students can easily understand
  • Databases containing equivalencies, articulation agreements and degree applicability will be Integration (API) Friendly so they can integrate w/ student facing websites, apps and SIS

GOAL: Schools will be able to electronically serve their students who are planning to go Outbound to another school (example community college to university)

  • The school’s SIS (e.g. Ellucian, PeopleSoft etc) will be able to provide students with their Portable Digital Record (portable transcript)
  • The school’s SIS will be able to integrate to articulation agreements such that they can display transferability to their students

GOAL: Receiving Schools will be able to electronically serve their Inbound Students timely and accurately without undue manual burdens

  • SIS of Receiving Schools will be able to automatically intake the incoming record without having to re-key it by hand
  • Receiving schools will automatically produce transfer articulation results that can be shared with the incoming student
  • Receiving schools will automatically produce Degree Progress reports that show the incoming student how credits count toward degree objectives
  • Receiving schools will allow the student to Model “What If” scenarios to explore optimum academic routes