Announcing “AA Page” a Modern Intuitive Degree Audit

Are you using PeopleSoft Academic Advisement to provide degree audits to your students, but you want a modern, more user-friendly presentation for your students, faculty and staff?

We are pleased to offer AA Page!

AA Page is a low-cost, plug-and-play, no-customization Bolt On for PeopleSoft

AA Page Offers you these Unique Features

Uses the AA Setups you already Have!

You don’t have to do any additional configuration to deploy AA Page. It simply looks at the Requirements and Results for the student’s degree audit, and presents them in a modern, hierarchical, drillable form that is easier to understand and navigate!

See AA Page in Action in this Video Demo!

Selected Highlighting of Special Cases

Want to quickly find special cases that are located within the student’s AA Results?

  • Where has Transfer Credit been Applied?
  • Which Courses are In Progress or Ungraded?
  • Where have Exceptions been applied to the Student?

AA Page gives you a dropdown Selector that will instantly apply Yellow Highlighting within the student’s degree audit, so these special cases are immediately visible!

Uniquely Easy to Deploy

Compared to other products on the market, AA Page is the lowest cost and easiest to deploy!

  • Deploy to Students, Faculty and Staff
  • No Customization to Delivered Code
  • No Extra Configuration or Setups are Needed
  • Installs quickly inside your own PeopleSoft Database

User Friendly Visualization

AA Page uses intuitive visual cues such as Color Coding, Hierarchical presentation, and Donut charts (for Units, Courses and GPA) to present the student’s Degree Audit Results in a cosmetic layout that is modern, visually appealing and easy to understand at a glance!

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