Innovative Solutions for Transfer Credit

The numbers of students transferring credit ~ and the obstacles that impede their success ~ have never been more central to the academic enterprise

We’ve been innovating all along the ‘Transfer Story’ to streamline transfer

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Step One: Outreach to Prospects and Applicants

Are you Transfer Friendly? Show it to the world!

Deploy Transfer Gateway Self Service Plug In to put these powerful tools in the hands of the public, high school students, prospects and applicants. Click for Details

  • Self Service Modeling
    • Any student anywhere can model what courses they may transfer to your School
  • Capture Self-Reported Coursework
    • Allow High School or Transfer students to Self-Report their coursework
  • Self Service Transfer Evaluation
    • In real time, the Student can see what Credit you may Grant them
  • Self-Service Degree Planning
    • Transfer Tracker – let students see what degree requirements their courses may fulfill
    • Plan Hunter – let students explore what Majors their Courses may count Toward

Step Two: Obtain Transcript Data

The second step is to get applicants’ transfer data into your Student System ~ but this is often a big challenge!

  • Connect with our EDI or XML Tools to automatically import transcripts from feeder schools
  • Use the Raptor Transcript Importer to digitally read enrollments, grades, and credits from PDF or Imaged transcripts into your system

Step Three: Articulate the Transfer Credit

Next you must quickly tell applicants and students what credit you will award them

  • Rule Maker also includes importing transfer rules from spreadsheet, including TES and other formats
  • High-Speed Transfer brings you plug-n-play automation to award credit to students as fast and easy as possible
  • Equate offers you simplified stand-alone equivalency tables
Watch Rule Maker in Action including TES Upload

Step Four: Apply the credit toward Graduation

Finally enable students to leverage their transfer data toward degree completions