Announcing 2021 Ellucian Partner Program

In 2021 your school will strive to do many bold things – some will be very difficult, some will be easy

This one is EASY

Is your school running Ellucian Colleague or Banner student system?

If so, we want to partner with you!

Together, we will take Student Services to a whole new level!

The Transfer Solutions we’ve been implementing in PeopleSoft, we are now bringing to Colleague and Banner.

What’s in it for You?

  • Much Faster Transcript import
  • Highly Automated Transfer Credit Awarding
  • Your Applicants and Campus share improved services
  • Massive Financial Subsidy – You will bear little or no Cost for Life of the Product
  • Minimal Time Input – our team will do the heavy lifting and take as little of your time as possible
  • The work we do together will change Higher Education and benefit many other Schools

Contact Us and we’ll get into the details of the significant Rewards for Joining Us in this project!