Do you send CommGen Emails from your PeopleSoft system, but you are hungry to know how effective your communications are?

  • Engagement metrics
  • Are the recipients opening the emails?
  • Are recipients clicking thru the links?

From Tuition Deadline notices to Enrollment Appointments, you want to understand and effectively use the email channel in your efforts to maintain a relationship with your constituents

Check out our CommGen Tracking Tool

Features Include

  • Automatically Embed unique “tracking” code in CommGen emails
  • Choose which Email templates you want to track or not
  • Automatically receive metrics of when or whether recipient opened the email
  • Open Rate, Click Through, Email client and browser information
  • Email Opened Date/time stamp is stored in PeopleSoft table for analytics

Contact us to arrange a Demo and Learn about the Tool

CommGen Tracking is a “Bolt On”

Your IT team will be happy to hear CommGen Tracking has a light touch

  • Quick installation
  • Easy and Non-Technical to use
  • Touches only a small amount of delivered code