SmartPanda Query Extension Tips and Support

We’re excited that you’re going to try the SmartPanda Chrome Browser extension for PeopleSoft Query. It can really make it faster and easier for you perform data analytics on the fly!

Here are some tips to help you get started!

Tip #1 Watch this video to see how to download, install and use the extension

The video shows you how to do these steps. Note you must be running Chrome browser and Windows 10 or Mac.

  1. Go to the downloads site to download your copy
  2. Close all Chrome browser windows
  3. Install Extension
  4. In Chrome extensions, turn on developer mode and reload extension
  5. Pin the Extension in browser header
  6. Install is Done!
  7. Video also shows how to Use the tool

Tip #2 Pin the Extension in your Browser Header

Tip #3 Make sure you are running PeopleSoft Query Viewer and the Query Results are open in a Browser Tab

The Rows and Columns in your Query Results become the extension Dataset

In your Query Results click View All if you want to analyze the full Dataset

Tip #4 Like the Query Extension? Consider the Query Executive Bolt On

The extension is only a subset of what you can get w/ the full Query Executive PeopleSoft Bolt On

Save and Reload Pivot Configurations
Easily Create Chart Dashboards inside your PeopleSoft
Deploy Visualizations to any of your PeopleSoft Users
Many Additional styles of tables, charts and other visualizations
Works w/ Query Manager and Query Viewer
Click to see details and videos on Query Executive Bolt On
See how easily you can deploy Query Executive in User Dashboards

Tip #5 Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us if you Have any Questions

Click here to Contact Us