Send XML Transcripts easily

Do you have partner schools who are ready to receive XML (or EDI TS130) copies of the transcripts you send them?

Your goal is to send electronic transcripts in a format that can be automatically read and imported by the receiving schools?

Use the SmartPanda plug-in to create XML copies of your transcripts easily!

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What does it Do?

Whenever you generate an outgoing transcript (PDF), the plug-in automatically creates a parallel copy of the transcript in PESC XML format.

You can send the PDF and XML versions of your transcript together at the same time, or you can choose to send one or the other, however you prefer.

How does it Work?

The plug-in gets installed into your Student System (e.g. PeopleSoft, Banner or other), so the data and functionality stay securely inside your campus system.

The code hooks into your existing transcript-creation process, so that it automatically reads the student academic history (grades, courses, GPA, degrees etc.) and then writes the XML copy of the transcript.

The XML copy of the transcript can be written out to a local folder on your campus network, and/or can be transmitted to the receiving school.

What’s involved in the Implementation?

The implementation will be straightforward and quick. SmartPanda will deliver to you everything you need.

Included will be the software that needs to be installed into your local campus Student System (e.g. PeopleSoft, Banner, etc.)

Also included will be any specific logic that is necessary so that the XML academic record is accurate and consistent with how you represent your data to receiving schools.

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