Self-Service Survey Tool

A Bolt-On Compatible with PeopleSoft HCM, Campus, Finance 9.0 or 9.2

Use this tool to conveniently build Questions and Answers and deploy them to your students, employees or others in PeopleSoft Self-Service.

Highly Configurable

Use Setup pages to configure the Surveys, as well as the Questions and Answers within each Survey.

You can even link Surveys together, so that certain answers route the user to other Surveys!

Answers are Stored in PeopleSoft

Use an administrative page to view each user’s specific questions and answers, with date/time stamp of when they submitted their response.

Responses are Actionable!

Watch the demo to see how each user’s answers can be translated real-time into actionable outcomes such as Math/English Course Placements, recommendations for English as a Second Language, Admission to special programs, or any other services!

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