Hand Entering Transcripts into your SIS is Tedious … But what is the National Annual Cost?

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How do we get these numbers?

We think we’re really Under-Estimating the actual cost!

We take Spring 2018 Higher Ed Enrollments for each State

Then use data on Student Transfers from The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center … approximately 38% percent of college students transfer at least once within six years.

Then apply an estimate that each transferring student represents on average 3 transcripts (Plus consider all the Applicants who do not Enroll!)

Then use a rough estimate that manually entering transcript data and awarding credit takes at least 30 minutes per transcript and that transcript clerks are paid perhaps $20 per hour, that results in labor cost of $10 per transcript

This gives us an end result of $2 per Enrolled headcount!

And that’s not even including the costs that Students pay for Paper and PDF transcripts, and the Student Cost for delays in credit processing and enrolling in the wrong courses

Transfer Students are Important ~~ an overview in The New York Times

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