Transfer Gateway

Are you Transfer Friendly? Show it to the world!

Our drive toward automating transfer credit has led us to the inevitable conclusion – it is time to open the doors to students!

Announcing New Plug and Play Self Service Package. Innovative Cloud Technology lets you conveniently add this Self-Service Front Door to your PeopleSoft Student system!

What does Transfer Gateway do?

  • Self Service Modeling
    • Any student anywhere can model what courses they may transfer to your School
  • Capture Self-Reported Coursework
    • Allow High School or Transfer students to Self-Report their coursework
  • Self Service Transfer Evaluation
    • In real time, the Student can see what Credit you may Grant them
  • Self-Service Degree Planning
    • Transfer Tracker – let students see what degree requirements their courses may fulfill
    • Plan Hunter – let students explore what Majors their Courses may count Toward

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You can choose Where you deploy and to what Audiences

  • Deploy to the Public (No Login or Create Prospect)
  • Deploy to High School students
  • Plug Into your Admissions Application (Applicant Login)
  • Deploy in your PeopleSoft Self Service (PeopleSoft Login)
  • Plug Into your College or University Website

You Gain valuable Prospect or Student Information

If you choose, you may keep the Self Reported student information

  • Gain Prospect Contacts or Inquiries
  • Gain Student Self Reported Course History
  • Can be pushed into your PeopleSoft Student system Real Time

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