Announcing our User Experience Initiative

We’ve embarked upon an exciting project initiative!

We are launching User Experience Enhancer (uXe) which will contain a series of new features. The focus will be on improving User Experience – with special attention to Efficiency, Fewer Keystrokes, and Productivity in PeopleSoft!

Introducing the first of many new tools – Grid Enhancer!

When you think about it, Grids play a huge role in the day to day use of PeopleSoft. PeopleSoft Users do a large amount of data entry in Grids. But Grids are NOT engineered in a way that enables rapid data entry – they require a lot of tabbing from field to field, with constant prompts, dropdowns and mouse clicks!

Grid Enhancer empowers you to rapidly enter, copy/paste, and drop and drop data in PeopleSoft just as you would in a spreadsheet!

Grid Enhancer allows you to Copy/Paste Data into PeopleSoft!

For the first time, with No Configuration you can Copy and Paste Data into PeopleSoft grids!

  • Copy/paste from spreadsheets
  • Copy/paste from one page to another

Grid Enhancer enables Rapid Data Entry with Drag and Drop

Grid Enhancer enables Rapid Analytics on Grid Data

  • Do calculations and use Formulas on rows and columns just as you would in Excel
  • Do rapid analytics and charts using any Grid Data

Grid Enhancer is very Fast and Easy to Install

We’ve designed Grid Enhancer so that it touches almost NO delivered PeopleSoft code and can be instantly deployed on every Grid in your PeopleSoft!

As shown below, Grid Enhancer needs only 1 Page of Configuration and you can easily Include or Exclude components where you want it to be available

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