High-Speed Transfer

You want to serve your students accurately and quickly. As new transfer applicants prepare to enter your college or university, and as students prepare to select and enroll in classes, detailed and timely transfer credit is critical.

High-Speed Transfer brings you a unique combination of automation and artificial intelligence, to help you award credit.

High-Speed Transfer is a plug-n-play bolt-on tool for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. It installs quickly and requires no configuration, meaning you start to see results right away!

How does High-Speed Transfer Work?

A combination of the following features makes it as easy and fast as possible for you to award credit to your students!

1) User Defaults for all Transfer Fields

Repetitive data entry fields such as Academic Program, School Name, Articulation Term and Pseudo-Courses are intelligently defaulted, saving you time entering these values before you can award credit.

2) Raptor pulls PDF or Image transcripts into your PeopleSoft in seconds

“Raptor” is a one-of-a-kind tool that rapidly digitizes transcripts, so that you no longer need to hand-enter the courses, terms, and units that transfer students are bringing to you! Raptor will read PDFs and Image transcripts, and automatically push the courses into your PeopleSoft! Detailed Info on Raptor is here.

3) Intelligent algorithms find matching Transfer Equivalencies for you!

Don’t let your service to students be slowed down by not having complete Transfer Rules setup in your PeopleSoft system! High-Speed Transfer will automatically use the credit you’ve already awarded, as an intelligent guide to predicting what credit to grant to new students. Therefore, you no longer need to keep hand entering the same equivalencies, or tediously looking up equivalencies, because High-Speed Transfer algorithms fill in the credits on the fly! With High-Speed Transfer, you get the time-saving benefits of rules, without the effort of setting up and maintaining rules.

All you have to do, is review and approve the equivalencies that the tool finds and pre-fills for you!

High-Speed Transfer has many additional, advanced features.

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