Get the Power of Parchment + Raptor Integration

Ready to take your transcript automation to the next level?

We are please to announce that Parchment (the #1 Transcript Fulfiller) and Raptor have partnered to bring you a unique integrated solution!

  • Parchment Receive automatically collects & routes the transcripts you get
  • Raptor automatically reads the transcripts and loads them into your SIS

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What’s Included?

Parchment Receive collects your incoming transcripts (PDFs) in a unified Inbox. Using Parchment’s proprietary dashboard, you setup automated routing and filters, so that the transcripts end up being stored where you need them!

Also Parchment Receive automatically provides an important index file, accompanying each PDF with identifying tags so it is clear which student it is for, and which school the transcript is being sent from!

Raptor Picks up the transcript and completes the Processing

So at this point you have some folders with indexed transcript PDFs in them. Raptor automatically scans these folders and extracts the data from the transcripts.

  • Schedule Raptor to run every day or every hour — however often you want.
  • Raptor unique algorithm extracts the courses, titles, units and grades and pushes that digitized data into your Student System (SIS)!
  • Because of the power of the Raptor algorithm, you don’t have to do any mapping
  • Raptor optionally pushes the PDF to be stored as a linked attachment inside your SIS or document storage system

All of the above steps are performed without any human intervention!

Track your Progress using the Raptor Dashboard

As the digitized transcripts flow from Parchment through Raptor and into your SIS, use the Raptor Dashboard to monitor them.

The Dashboard shows every transcript that has been pushed into your SIS

  • Click ‘View’ to see the PDF transcript itself
  • Confirm or change the Student ID to which the transcript belongs
  • Confirm or change the School ID from which the transcript was sent
  • Search and view history of transcripts received, including student Name, Birthdate, Date/Time and other data

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