Gives you full transparency, with color-coding and drillable links, so you can immediately understand any student’s Degree Audit results

Product Description

Advisement Glass exposes the inner workings of the Advisement Report so you can finally have transparency into which specific requirements are impacting each particular student.

Advisement Glass gains its power from three Unique Features:

  • Glass Grid – The first tab of Glass gives you a detailed grid showing the inner workings of any Degree Audit report.  The grid tells you exactly which Requirement Group #’s and Requirement #’s got applied, it shows you the Effective Date of each, the Sequence in which they were applied, the Print Status and many other helpful details!
  • Embedded analytics – From Glass you can click through to embedded analytics including search/sort/grouping so you can see exactly what the Degree Audit outcomes are and all Courses Used!
  • Works with all AA Report Types – We recognize that institutions have a variety of AA Report Types – What-If, Planner, Undergraduate Advising, etc.  Advisement Glass works with any report type, giving you transparency into its results.

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Advisement Glass
Advisement Glass