AA Markup turns your PeopleSoft Degree Audit page into a personalized communication space, with colorized “sticky notes” you can attach to any Req Group, Req or Line with a couple mouse-clicks!

Product Description

Available now for Campus Solutions 9.0 and 9.2

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Do your advisors ever print off the AA degree audit, grab a red pen, and make notes then hand the hard copy to the student?

What if they could make those same personal annotations, but put them online?  That’s what the AA Markup tool does!

AA Markup has these Benefits

  • Make personal notations anywhere on the student’s degree audit (Group, Req, Line)
  • Color code, highlight, or embed hyperlinks in the notations
  • Store the notations in PS so they are seen in any view of the degree audit (Student Center, Adv Center or Admin)

AA Markup enables you to make every student’s degree audit fully accurate and personalized!

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