Degree Audit One Pager uses BI Publisher to give you a condensed degree audit PDF, so that advisors and students can see “at a glance” with green and red icons, what they have satisfied or not satisfied.  Even more, you can add this as a 2nd button in addition to whatever AA PDF you already use.

Product Description

Available now for Campus Solutions 9.0 and 9.2

The delivered Academic Advisement degree audit report can be very powerful and packed with information — likewise for the delivered degree audit PDF.

However, sometimes these delivered reports have too much information and may even be confusing — or cosmetically not represent your institution.

We’ve used the delivered BI Publisher tools to create the “AA One Pager” – a condensed and cosmetically simplified view of any student’s degree audit.

AA One Pager offers these Benefits

  • A simplified view so any student or advisor can see “at a glance” what a student needs to complete
  • Color coded red and green icons call attention quickly to the student’s status.
  • Uses BI Publisher Word Plug-In so you can easily adapt it even further to suit your needs.

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Degree Audit One Pager
Degree Audit One Pager