Enroll Intercept and Enroll Allow give you configurable setup tables along with query-based controls to either grant, or deny, enrollment in certain courses to certain populations of students in Student Center.   Think of it as an extra layer of pre-processing (to allow or prevent), before hitting the enrollment engine.

Product Description

Available now for Campus Solutions 9.0 or 9.2

Enroll Intercept and Enroll Allow enables PeopleSoft institutions to implement special rules to enable individual students or groups of students to enroll (or to prevent enrolling) in certain classes.

The tool supplements delivered enrollment functionality (such as Permission Numbers, Pre-Reqs or Student Groups) to address special situations where enrollments need to be allowed (or prevented) in cases that are not handled by delivered rules.

The heart of the Tool is the Rules Table.  On this table you can indicate groups of students or individual students who need special allowances.  The Rules Table is highly flexible with convenient features such as

  • Query Driven
  • Messages can be Warnings or Errors
  • Begin and End Dates and/or Terms when a rule is in effect
  • ..and more…

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Enroll Intercept & Enroll Allow
Enroll Intercept & Enroll Allow