Equate gives you an “alternative universe” of transfer credit.  For the first time you can quickly build and use transfer rules independently from the complicated maze of delivered setups!

Product Description

Available now for Campus Solutions (CS) 9.0 and 9.2

The Transfer Credit Revolution has taken its next inevitable step ~~ Transfer Equate.

For the first time, you are free to build transfer rules without the delivered pages at all.

With Equate, we bring you a Stand Alone, simplified table to create your credit equivalencies.

You can automate Transfer Rules completely without the delivered Transfer Setups!  You are free to quickly create transfer course equivalencies using

  • One Page of entry (not a dozen interrelated setups)
  • Import from Spreadsheet
  • Integrates with Course Credits – Automated to award student credit

Video– Watch Demo of Equate

Video– Demo of Import from spreadsheet

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