Query Starter eases the path for you to find and access the data and queries you need!  You can organize your most commonly used tables in a configurable Tree Structure, with one-click features to Build queries, Find Related Queries, Run and Edit queries, Quick Charts and more …

Product Description

Available now for Campus Solutions 9.0 and 9.2, Human Capital Management 9.2, and Financial & Supply Chain Management 9.2.

It’s mission critical for you and your staff to have easy access to your data.  You use your data to

  • Measure success
  • Identify problems
  • Perform business processes

However, accessing your data is sometimes not easy.  The delivered Query Manager is too technical for many users, and you may find yourself lost in the confusion of which table to use or which query contains the information you want.

We built Query Starter to help you access your data!

Query Starter is a pure Bolt On application – it touches no delivered code.

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Query Starter
Query Starter