Raptor directly extracts PDF Transcript data (terms, enrollments, grades), you can edit the data and load it directly into your PeopleSoft student system!

Product Description

This innovative tool brings you first-of-its-kind efficiency for managing the PDF transcripts you receive!

Want to import and process student Transcripts and transfer data as rapidly and inexpensively as possible?

Raptor works for you in these intuitive steps:

  • Reach out from any PeopleSoft student record
  • Select the student’s PDF transcript
  • Raptor extracts the transcript data (terms, enrollments, grades, course titles)
  • You can edit the data in Web 2.0 form
  • Then post the student’s data into PeopleSoft with one click!

Similar products cost up to 10 times the cost of Raptor!

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Raptor PDF Transcript Importer
Raptor PDF Transcript Importer