Special Stats Calc gives you an easy page to populate Student IDs and then kick off the PeopleSoft Special Stats Calc process.  Thus you can recalculate and correct student academic statistics real-time if anything goes awry with your data.

Product Description

The “Special Stats Calc” process is delivered by PeopleSoft but normally requires Technical support to load the run control, because PeopleSoft does not deliver a page to execute it.

Sometimes, however, there are known scenarios where you need to recalculate student statistics and need a convenient way to do so.

This Bolt On provides a convenient user interface.

The EMPLID List page is operator specific and allows you to enter the EMPLIDs that you want to use Special Stats Calc to calculate.

The process will then recalculate all student statistics (GPAs, Unit Totals, etc) having to do with student Enrollment and/or Transfer Credit.

You will be able to resolve data issues in a few clicks!

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Special Stats Calc
Special Stats Calc